Mule Deer Breeder

Mule Deer Breeder

TX0900 Facility # 1136B

The Mule Deer is a deer indigenous to Western North America, it is named for its ears which are large like those of of the Mule.

Mule Deer are more associated with the land west of the Missouri River and more specifically the Rocky Mountain Region of North America. The major predator of this deer is humans and large carnivores, such as Mountain Lions and Coyotes. With Mule numbers in decline all across North America we feel our Mule Deer Breeding Program is a huge benefit to our Ranch in West Texas and to Other Ranches in the State who are concerned about deer numbers and the Quality of the Mule Deer herd on there Ranches.

We Love our Mule Deer and believe by selective breeding we can enhance our genetics in our herd and grow some giant mule deer for our ranch and others in the State.

Our primary goal is to raise Big Deer for our Hunters to hunt and make the Great State of Texas the place to come and hunt Huge Mule Deer. You can grow Big Mule Deer in Texas.

Our Mule Deer Facility is located in the Awesome Delaware Mountains of Culberson County Texas.

Chronic Wasting Disease Complete Monitored Cervidae Herd, # CWD561TX/06 Level Certified.

Semen available. We do Sell Breeder Bucks and Open or Bred Does.


El Capitan II

El Capitan II

Age: 5 years 235 BC+.

We are going to Collect Semen in Early Feb. from this buck and possible one more.
By Selective Breeding we can improve the overall Genetics of our Mule Deer Herd.