Texas Mule Deer Hunting & Breeding

Welcome to some of the Best Texas Deer Hunting in the State. If you are looking for a Desert Mule Deer Hunt or a Texas Whitetail Deer Hunt we can fix you up.

If you want to start a Texas Deer Breeding Ranch we offer Whitetail Deer and also Mule Deer Breeding Stock.

Our Texas Whitetail Hunting Ranch is Located South of Lometa, Texas Lampasas County in the Eastern part of the Edwards Plateau. We are 1 ½ hours NW of Austin, Texas or 2 hours North of San Antonio, Texas. This ranch is located in the well-known Texas Hill Country. We have been managing our Texas Deer since the mid 1980’s and this ranch has been high fenced since 1991.

Our Texas Mule Deer Hunting Ranch is Located in Culberson County Texas, one hour Northeast of Van Horn, Texas in the Delaware Mountains; part of the Highland Grass Lands of West Texas. We offer guided Texas Mule Deer Hunts and also Mule Deer Breeding Stock. We are 1 ½ hours East of El Paso, Texas or 4 ½ hours West of Abilene, Texas.

We are also offering Hunts on our High Fenced Ranch in Culberson County. These hunts are very limited. We have Fenced over 700 acres of rough canyon country and managing this pasture intensively for Trophy Mule Deer.

Randy Shipp has been in the Texas Deer Hunting Business for over 40 years and his experiences will make your Texas Hunt one that you will not forget. Our business has been ranching and Farming for several generations. Both ranches are part of our Cattle operations and we manage our land for both Cattle and Wildlife.

We welcome you to the Ranch with Texas Hospitality.