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2010 picture above.





   The Texas Mule Deer Hunting Ranch is 47 sections or 30,000 acres north of Van Horn ,Texas in the top of the Delaware Mountains. This is some of the Best Mule Deer Country in Texas.  You may book a guided1x2 or 1x1 hunt on this ranch. If you want a 1x 1 guided hunt, these Texas Trophy Desert Mule Deer Hunts are called Select Hunts. Meals and lodging are furnished on all hunts.  All hunters should bring there own bedrolls and plenty of warm clothing.  TX Mule Deer Hunting is done from jeep or 4 wheel drive and for those in good condition walking and stalk.  There are 3 cabins on the ranch with beds for all hunters and a full time cook is furnished. This Texas Trophy Desert Mule Deer Hunting Ranch has produced some of the best Mule Deer in Texas.  This Desert Mule Deer Hunt is for the truly dedicated hunter. Due to the nature of this desert country each year brings on new challenges.  Drought, wind, rain, dust storms, fog, cold and snow all make for the unknown but when it all comes together some of the best Mule Deer in the state are produced on this ranch.   All hunters are urged to hunt for only mature 6 to 7 year old bucks and to pass on the young immature ones.  These Texas Mule Deer Hunts have run 100% success before but the last couple of years due to mother nature and patience's from hunters to take older bucks these hunts have run 75% success rate. We have been under an extensive management program for several year.  Also included in this hunt you may take a Bob Cats, Coyotes and possibly a Mountain lion. 


 Our Trophy Hunts for 2013 are sold out for this year but we are offering 3 day MANAGEMENT BUCK HUNTS DURING THE RUT. LATE DECEMBER OR EARLY JANUARY. NEED A GROUP OF 4 OR 5. GUIDED.

Meals and Lodging furnished for all Hunters.

Non Hunter Fee: 1000.00

Aoudad Sheep Hunts: $3500.00 plus $1500.00 Harvest Fee.

You can Hunt Aoudad Sheep on a  Mule Deer Hunt but there is a 2000.00 Harvest Fee.

Javelina  $ 300.00 Harvest Fee.

Guided hunts.............................( 1x2 )

Guided hunts Select...................1x1 


Call or email for pricing  Mule Deer Hunts: 512 752 3622 or 512 756 3194.




I get asked a lot is this ranch High Fenced? The answer is NO. It is over 45 sections of Rough but Prime Mule Deer Country that is Managed for Big Mule Deer. Some of the Best in Texas. We work year round to take care of our Mule Deer Herd.

We do supplemental feeding threw out the year to help our deer herd threw stressful times. Post Rut, suckling fawns, weaning and there are time it does not rain and it seldom rains like we would like it to. We feel supplementing our deer does take stress off of our natural habitat and improves the life style of our deer herd.

Our Supplemental Water Guzzler's threw out the ranch are one of our most important tools.

We strive to be good stewards of the land.



2012 Results: The Drought has effected this years harvest and our hunters have been very selective and passed on a lot of bucks. We had a 50% hunters success rate due to very selective hunters. We have had several good snows this winter and look forward to 2013 season. There was a good carry over of bucks with some luck from Mother Nature this spring and summer 2013 should be great.

We really appreciate ALL  of our  hunter's patience's when hunting Mature Mule Deer.


  We spend a lot of time in a Jeep. Most of our hunting is done Safari Style. We spend a lot of time glassing and we do some walking in some hard to get to areas.

 We are not just deer hunting, we urge every hunter to look for only Mature Bucks, 6 to 7 years old. Come and enjoy the hunt knowing you may go home empty handed but with a great experience and the opportunity to take a GREAT DESERT MULEY. If you have never hunted West Texas, its a treat. This is a Trophy Hunt! We are looking for Mature Deer!

Complimentary tips to guides and cooks are kindly appreciated.

This Ranch has produced some of the best Mule Deer in Texas.


Above: Hunter Shipp and dad (TJ )with Hunter's first deer.( MANAGEMENT BUCK.)



Contact: Randy Shipp                                        

Ranch: (512) 752-3622

Mobile: (512) 756-3194

Email: rdshipp@wildblue.net              

                                                                                                                    Above picture: 2012 picture 3 Mule's and 1 good Ram.





    2012 Photo above: Tammye took this 175 inch BC Beauty. This Buck was 7+years old and field dressed 170 pounds. His teeth were nearly gone.


                                                              Below:    November 28,2012 Jim Ansley took this 5x5 205# field dress hard to get Muley.










                                                                                                 P J Wearden above took this great buck on the first day of his hunt 2010.









2012 above:  Randy took this big 8 point. This deer is a perfect example of who cares about score. This buck scored just over 150 BC but has the look most of us could not turn down. He was a 7 year old buck and I passed up several 170 Class deer to take this old 4x4.


                                                  2011 above: Leo Colman took this huge Javilina  for a full body mount to add to his Trophy room.



                                     Pictured above: Calf Roper Tyler West with his first Desert Muley and his first Javelina.      



Pictured above: Randy Shipp with his 2010 Desert Muley. 195 6/8 net BC Officially  scored for Texas Big Game Awards and grossed 202 BC with a big drop broke off his left beam. This deer would have netted over 200 BC.

Pictured Above: Tammye and Hunter with some ole bucks that did not make the post rut.

These bucks don't come easy but our guides work hard and we do hunt all day to try and get you the deer you are looking for.

There were lots of bucks this past season that were passed by Hunters. We are looking for 2013 to be a great year with some help from Mother Nature.

It takes 6 to 7 years to Grow a Trophy Mule Deer on the Average. These bucks don't come easy but we give 110% effort.

We urge our hunters to lesson to your guides. There were some Big Framed bucks passed on this year just because the hunter thought he knew more about the size of the deer than his guide did. These deer have large bodies and sometimes fool you when you see them on the ground. They do not shrink! They get Bigger! My Guides are experienced and they know deer.

This Ranch is Managed for Mature Trophy Mule Deer. If you want to hunt on a Ranch where Big Bucks die of old age, come hunt with us. The Big Bucks are here, the country is Big and Rough,  you just have to Hunt them and a little luck always helps.

These are Quality hunts for the serious Trophy Hunter and our hunts are limited.


For hunt information call or email

RandyShipp 512-752-3622 at the ranch or 512-756-3194 cell.


Shipp Ranch

2745 CR 1403

Lometa, Texas76853

more pictures on Mule Deer 2.

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